Two plays. One audition session.

Details below for The Frenchman & I Ain’t Made That Way

casting notice

When & Where:

Saturday, October 26, 2019 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Fairfax City Regional Library, Room 103, Fairfax, VA

Email: for a time
How to Prepare:
Prepare two contrasting monologues of no more than a minute each. You may also be asked to do cold readings from the plays

THE FRENCHMAN - A Spotlight on the Arts Premiere
Premieres during the Spotlight on the Arts Festival, Fairfax - April 24-25 &
May 1-3

About the Play
On this land in a remote corner of Southwest Virginia, Pierre Francois du Tubeuf staked his claim to build St. Marie on the Clinch River — a new French colony far from the threats of the French Revolution. With letters of introduction from Lafayette and dreams of creating his coal empire in Virginia, du Tubeuf was forced to leave his wife behind in France. He survived a deadly sea voyage only to have his servants abandon him upon arrival in Virginia. Then he faced greater nightmares when he reached Russell County, where nothing was as he had been promised.

Open Roles
Some actors will play a primary role and several smaller roles – lots of variety and time on stage.

  1. Pierre Tubeuf – 50’s Caucasian, visionary, flamboyant , dashing “leading man type” French aristocrat, head of his family and coal mining operations in France

  2. Marie Tubeuf – 50’s, Caucasian, Pierre’s wife, great head for business, Pierre’s equal in every way, beautiful,  independent.

  3. Francois Tubeuf – 20-ish Caucasian son of Pierre and Marie, bold, determined, ready to lead

  4. Eusebe Deschesne – age between 16-20, Caucasian, spirited niece of Pierre and Marie, young independent woman

  5. Louisa Delaplane – 40-50 caucasian neighbor and friend of Pierre and Marie, aristocratic and warm

  6. Casar LeFebre/Thomas Jefferson/sailor – Casar is a neighbor and friend of Pierre and Marie’s and becomes part of their venture to America. Actor also plays additional roles

  7. Charles DeSpada/Roger Smith/ Jefferson Aide. – 40-50’s Caucasian Charles De Spada is a neighbor and friend of Pierre and Marie’s who becomes part of their venture in America. Actor also plays additional roles

  8. Simon Perchant/John Smith/David Humphries/Sailor 2- another friend of Pierre and Marie’s who makes the journey to America. Actor also plays additional roles

I Ain’t Made That Way
: Rehearsals mid-March – April  Shows June 18-21 NOVA Fringe Festival – Herndon, VA

About the Play

Set in Keokee, Virginia, at the Blue Star Bar & Grill, the play tells the story of the Van Buren family and what happens when they and the town gather to celebrate the accomplishment of favorite son Harlan, who has just done the impossible – earned two Masters’ Degrees. Potato salad, cultural differences, and tall tales fly when Harlan shows up with a friend from “off”, who just doesn’t know what to think.

Available Roles

  1. Sherry Van Buren, 30’s Caucasian wife of the lead character, Harlan Van Buren, spunky, independent, willing to stand up for herself in a family who is full of bold members. Keeps the irrepressible Harlan in line – mostly

  2. Dub 30’s  - 30’s any race. Harlan’s best friend from childhood. Has gone off to Hollywood and used the stories, legends and lies about his hometown to make millions

  3. Munch -30-40’s Harlan’s college buddy from “off”, who comes home with Harlan for the big celebration to see if the stories are true. Thinks he’s urbane and sophisticated